BLIS 2024 

Welcome to the 

BLIS Experience Summit, 

a unique hybrid platform combining Business, Life insurance, Investment and other related Services. Originally started as Beirut Life Insurance Seminars, it has since broadened its horizons to encompass a variety of complementary professions and services. 


The 7th consecutive BLIS Experience Summit

In its 7th consecutive year, the BLIS Experience Summit stands as a beacon of excellence. This year’s summit will cover a spectrum of vital topics in relation to life insurance such as investment, real estate, legal, audit, and other wealth solutions.

This year, get ready for an extraordinary BLIS Experience in the captivating island of Cyprus at the PAVILION in Nicosia! We are eagerly awaiting the exciting moments, challenges, and industry-shaping breakthroughs that this year holds.

Join us as we push boundaries in the picturesque setting of Cyprus.

Your choice to be a part of BLIS Experience Summit is a choice for innovation, knowledge, and growth. We can’t wait to share this experience with you and make lasting memories against the backdrop of Cyprus’ beauty.

Thank you for choosing BLIS. Your presence will make this journey even more exceptional. Let’s create something unforgettable together at BLIS EXPERIENCE Summit 2024!

See you in Cyprus!

THEME : Stronger Wings, Wider Horizons 

Empowerment through insurance is amplified by ‘Stronger Wings, Wider Horizons’ — a mantra that encapsulates our mission.

To thrive in the skies of success, you need 2 strong wings: insurance for stability and partnering with professionals across industries to broaden our network and growth.

Through strategic tech alliances, we enhance capabilities and perspectives, propelling collective growth within the dynamic tech ecosystem. 

With insurance as our shield, we fearlessly explore new ventures and wider horizons, invest in our futures, and pursue success, knowing we have the backing of a supportive network and the promise of resilience.

What to Expect

  • Main platform for international speakers and panel discussions
  • Exhibition area for multiple complementary professions for a 360 wealth solutions environment
  • Focus sessions for agents, managers, wealthy people, regular consumers, and students
  • Deal signing area and pre-planned meetings
  • Speakers to promote themselves and sell books
  • Presentations for CEOs on how to integrate in order to reach, evolve, and grow in the profession
  • Pitch concepts related to the field and attract investors or sign deals




Facilitate an exchange of insights and best practices in financial planning and wealth management.

Corporate Responsibility

Demonstrate a commitment to corporate responsibility by contributing to financial education and well-rounded wealth solutions

International Collaboration  

Foster collaboration and partnerships among professionals from diverse global backgrounds.

Key Components

  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management Summit: The heart of the event is a summit that brings together a diverse array of experts and professionals from various industries. Topics covered include life insurance, investment strategies, real estate trends, legal considerations, audit practices, and other comprehensive wealth solutions
  • Global Representation: Anticipating a robust attendance of 1,500 individuals, the BLIS Experience Summit is designed to be a global gathering. Participants will hail from at least 20 different countries, fostering an international exchange of ideas and practices.
  • Collaboration With International Organizations: Following and adapting to esteemed organizations like MDRT, GAMA, and LIFE HAPPENS, ensures that the event maintains a high standard of expertise and credibility in the financial and wealth management domain.



Expected Outcomes

  • A heightened understanding of global financial trends and innovative wealth management solutions.
  • Strengthened international connections and potential collaborations in the financial industry.
  • A sense of shared responsibility and commitment to advancing financial education and wealth management practices.

Why attend?

Networking with industry leaders and experts

Access to the latest trends and advancements in finance, insurance, technology, and academia

Collaboration opportunities for business growth

Insights into the future of financial planning and related industries

Hear it from the best! Our top speakers share their BLIS Experience in these exclusive videos

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New top-notch speakers

Intensive focused sessions and workshop

Panel discussions with new

 knowledge and practical skills

Connections and networking

 Pitch concepts

Physical Attendees
Virtual Attendees



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